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Postman shoes using waterproof leather from MR.OLIVE (Eagle Of Independence).

Today, leather is often perceived as a delicate entity.
Depending on the leather, getting wet can cause shrinkage, drying, staining, and mildew. In that case, it would be good to make leather that does not shrink, does not dry easily, does not get dirty, and is resistant to mildew.
Overturning such preconceived notions, MR. OLIVE has developed a new generation of leather was born from the desire to "provide leather that lasts a lifetime"

Uses high-quality A-rank shrink leather that has a soft and fine texture with few wrinkles.
MR.OLIVE uses a special process that is uniquely devised to fix fluorine in the fibers, thereby reducing the water absorption rate by 80%.
It's not waterproof like a water-repellent film, so even if the leather is scratched, the wound and the back of the leather retain the same amount of waterproofing. 

An original cork sole made by blending cork chips into rubber. They are possible to wear on asphalt and gravel.

Seven hole hunting type
The width is a little narrow, but the soft leather finish makes it easy to wear. In order to express the natural wrinkles when worn, the lining leather is first tucked in by a craftsman, and then the outer leather is tucked in while making wrinkles by hand. 

Highly water-repellent and resistant to stains which can be maintained semi-permanently, so you can wear it without worrying about rainy days. Dries very quickly (easily absorbs moisture, dries easily, overcomes the cause of mold, such as wearing before they are completely dry)

[Manufacturing method and aftercare]
Made using a blackrapito manufacturing method. 2mm thick cork is used for the inside.
Heel and full sole can be exchanged. Since the bottom material is original, MR.OLIVE will accept it. (charges apply)

It cuts the water absorption rate by 80%, so it is not completely water repellent.
As for the boots, only the outer leather is waterproof.
Not on the inside.

Material: Cowhide
Country of origin: Japan

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