Collection: Casual Suits

In order to make the idea of "dressing up" easier and more convenient than ever we dared ourselves to make a casual series of suits that are suitable for both business and daily use.

This is our Casual Suits collection.

There is no denying the rich history, culture, and uniquest of rules that is synonymous with TAILOR made suits.

However, we believe it's important to experience the joy and fun of "dressing up" as easily as possible while still paying respect to the heritage and culture of suits that are tailor made, depending our understanding of the roots of traditional menswear.

This is why we designed our collection of Casual Suits, that can be worn with 3 different style of trousers and multiple different style of jackets, to create our own individual look, styled to your own preference.

All of our casual suits make use of the "RETRO POLYESTER TWILL" material which is MR.OLIVE's specialty.

Trousers are machine washable and thanks to the unique properties of this fabric, the will not crease and will always maintain the centre press, wash after wash.